We Are paar studio
Creative Studio.

The word “Paar” in the Persian language signifies “Fly”. As all human beings, we all aspire to soar high in the sky, which is replete with a myriad of colorful dreams. What could be more splendid than aligning our dreams with our goals and fashioning a realm of our own liking?

This concise passage is, in essence, the core objective of the “Paar Studio team”.

“Paar Studio” came into existence on a summer afternoon in the year 2016 and chose ethics, science, and effort as its prime tenets.

Half a decade after commencing operations, “Paar Studio” has become the largest and most well-equipped industrial and advertising photography studio in the northwestern region of Iran. The provision of services such as designing and producing industrial and advertising teasers and unique, limited designs are among the hallmarks of this team.

With a team of five members, this studio continues to chart its route fully motivated to showcase your products and collections in the best possible light while striving to effect changes in standards that may had been unprincipled so far.

Our Skills

Years of history

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light.

Customer satisfaction

We strive for the satisfaction of all customers.

The best facilities

We use the best facilities for photography


We offer the best portfolio

Why Choose Us?

Commercial Photography
Done with professional lighting and simplistic backgrounds to emphasize much more on the product
Corporate Photography
Photography using creative ideas and relevant set ups to demonstrate more
Creative Photography
Using unique and appealing ideas, far from traditional concepts to attract more audience
Industrial Photography
Documentary photography from production lines and industry with seamless staging
Food Photography
Capturing food related products accompanied by fresh ingredients and appealing cookware and backgrounds
Videography from goods, production lines and corporate scenes in a documentarian or promotive manner

Our team